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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence consists of reporting tasks aimed at the interactive and dynamic presentation of complex company data. We offer this highly sophisticated service, both via the products offered by leaders in the market that offer the most robust and dynamic platforms equipped with data integration and forecasting tools, and in concert with the most relevant development languages ​​that allow us to create fully customized and / or open source products. Our detailed range of BI solutions allow you to use descriptive statistics techniques to impart absolute and intrinsic value from extrapolated data, through powerful indicators and dashboards, to support the entire decision-making process that drive growth.

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Predictive Analytics

The new frontiers of Data Science have the aim of calibrating forecasting models that are able to anticipate the behaviour of various corporate assets. Given their intrinsic purpose, Predictive Analytics techniques are highly applicable in virtually every area relating to operational activity. They allow you to extract an array of information-rich patterns and relationships from your company’s data-borne assets, not only in the field of clustering and segmentation, but also in the development of predictive models that make it possible to forecast an array of plausible outcomes of certain phenomena, in both the short and long term.

Big Data

The technologies of the Big Data world have been developed to effectively address an array of issues for which the classic tools of Data Management, data analysis and model development, are not seemingly appropriate. These powerful and contemporary tools have been therefore developed to manage manifold data, both in the form of absolute quantity and in the accentuating the speed of the flow, as in the case of streaming analytics. This operating framework, for example, presents some difficulty, both from the point of view of storage, due to high costs and data ingestion, as it requires the use of ad hoc architectures, but above all it poses stimulating challenges in the development of efficacious and robust models that can be utilised on a host of non-static, but dynamic data.

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Internet Of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) represents the field in which engineering meets Data Science. Through the technologies of IoT, it is possible to build networks of machines that communicate and interact with each other in real time. The collection of telemetry data, together with the analysis and development of models based on them, pose new and extensive challenges, both on the design of physical architectures and distribution of computation (Edge Analytics) and from an algorithmic point of view. All these issues find space for expression in Industry 4.0, through the component(s) of IoT.

Cloud Platform

The computational power, implied by the most innovative processes and models, can hardly be sustained solely by traditional company infrastructures on-premise. Based on that, cloud platforms and services allow application scaling in a simple and immediate fashion, relieving the company from any infrastructure management cost and task. Different development frameworks, such as PaaS (Platform as a Service), which rest upon said cloud platforms, allow for a process implementation boost, especially regarding Machine Learning and Big Data.

Digital Academy

In order to secure a quality standard that meets our clients expectations and to keep our consultants updated concerning the most innovative technologies, we have created an internal academy dealing with the continuous training of our workforce. Following the same teaching approach, we have developed a bundle of courses that are accessible as workshops conceived to be put into practice for various clients. These courses are customizable on the end users needs and requirements; they are designed on pre-existing requisites, gathered by us at the beginning of the process, and then brainstorming to find out the right target for such courses.

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