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At DMBI we firmly believe that the company’s resources are the engine of our success. If, like us, you believe in the value of merit and skills, at DMBI you will always work with a smile.



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Human Value

The engine of our success is certainly represented by our resources, our people. Thanks to their commitment and dedication, we are able to become, day by day, more and more efficient and proficient in what we do. Precisely for this reason, we have the utmost respect for every member of our team, to whom we always try to guarantee the best possible balance between private and professional life. We give everyone the opportunity to express themselves and to follow their own inclinations, fervently believing in a model of widespread leadership and shared responsibility.

Personal Development

DMBI has developed a virtuous practice for the inclusion of young talents in the world of consulting. On-boarding takes place through a personalized training course, which takes place through different channels: from mentoring, to lectures with university teachers, and to e-learning platforms. Since we believe in the importance of continuing education, each member of our team has the opportunity to exploit these resources throughout their career and will continue to grow not only professionally, but also personally.

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Professional Development

The heterogeneity of our customer base, combined with the high-level of clients, allows our consultants to measure themselves against ever new and challenging work environments and thus gain solid professional experience. Each activity is assigned trying to reach the perfect match between the client’s requests and the skills developed by our professionals, also taking into account their personal ambitions and needs. By aiming for quality rather than quantity of the work done, we have managed to emerge in an increasingly competitive market, and thus becoming synonymous with outright professionalism and absolute reliability.

Those wishing to apply to join our team should preferably have a degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Computer Science or Economics. Possession of a PhD degree is considered a plus. The ability to develop and propose models using statistical methods, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Linear Programming is required. Prospective team members will have to be able to draft professional documents, develop data pre-processing procedures and collaborate in solving Data Mining and Text Mining problems, as well as being able to design Data Warehouses and create statistical reports using advanced front-end software. · Knowledge of statistical packages, such as for example: SAS, SPSS, R and / or programming languages ​​(Python, Java, etc …), with database theory and query languages ​​(SQL and similar) are particularly welcome.

At DMBI there is an induction path dedicated to undergraduates who wish to gain valuable work experience in our sector before completing their studies. In such cases, we propose a process that is able to reconcile academic needs with work needs, always providing adequate compensation for the activity performed.

The job offers are addressed to both genders, in accordance with the current legislation on gender discrimination, and are also dedicated to people belonging to protected categories, according to law 68/99.

Data Scientist (intern)

You mainly deal with study, research and support activities for both consultancy and onboarding resources. You are called upon to keep constantly updated on new technologies and to have high relational skills (teamworking and motivation), as well as creative thinking and time management.

Data Scientist (consultant)

You lend you technical skills to the customer, whose needs you are called to understand in order to implement the most appropriate solutions. A high predisposition to problem solving and critical thinking is required, as well as a predisposition to flexibility in terms of travel on the territory and in learning technical knowledge.

Account Manager (in/out)

You interface with customers in a proactive perspective aimed at suggesting to each interlocutor not only the best technology in relation to the set objectives, but also the most suitable resource for setting up the service. In addition to the skills of the Data Scientist, managerial and commercial skills are required.

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